Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stepping into the Light

This morning I woke up and looked out my window. I saw the mountain shrouded with fog with our neighborhood Christmas tree shining through from above. There was a light dusting of white on everything – and I was filled with joy!

I sat through ward choir with the basses at least a half a measure ahead and the alto section desperately fishing for notes – and I was filled with joy!

Today I listened to beautiful music, spent time with people I love and did a few nice things for others – and I was filled with joy!

For the first time in weeks the knot of fear inside me relaxed, the fuzzy-headed exhaustion lifted and I felt as if I was stepping out of a long dark tunnel into brilliant light.

Now maybe the change from the past few weeks is thanks to large amounts of sleep – and surely that’s part of it, but Much Ado About Nothing opened and I feel exhilarated that I have survived!

This truly has been a transformational experience for me – I have gained new skills and abilities as a performer, I have experienced personal insights and growth and I have forged on through an emotional and physical challenge that has pushed me beyond my limits.

Am I now a phenomenal actor? Not likely, although I definitely have improved – but I am more interested in becoming a phenomenal person and I have just taken a giant leap forward in that direction.

I feel phenomenal…I feel powerful…I feel bathed in light.

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